Why Now? 3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Put Off Your Roof Replacement

3 Reasons Why you Shouldn''t Put Off Your Roof Replacement by EZ RoofingIs your roof approaching its "expiration date" in the coming year? Did you recently receive an inspection that suggested a replacement in the near future? We get it, roof replacements are expensive, and you're likely thinking through how long you can put it off. With prices of goods soaring and many people feeling the crunch, replacing your roof probably wasn't on your short list of things to pay for. However, now might actually be the best time to take the leap and have the work done. Why?

  • Supply delays are happening. If you've noticed empty spaces on your store shelves, you're not alone! Unfortunately, some of those same supply issues have hit the roofing industry, and sourcing the materials needed to replace your roof will likely take longer than usual. If you're trying to meet a deadline with your HOA, your insurance company, or are experiencing a worsening leak, you might not have time to wait! Getting started now means you're more likely to get the materials you need by the time your new roof needs to be completed.
  • Your new roof isn't the only thing going up! Prices of gasoline, food, lumber, and other high-demand items are through the roof (pun intended!) and roofing materials are no exception. Shingles, plywood, and other needed supplies have all increased in price substantially over the last year, and sources say they'll continue to rise. Opting to replace your roof now means you lock in the current price of materials instead of taking the gamble and paying twice as much for your roof in the months to come.
  • Hurricane season is still happening. If your roof is aged and weakening, it might not be ready to stand up to one of Florida's storms. If a hurricane comes our way this season, and you opted to put off your roof replacement, you could end up with major damage that necessitates a full replacement immediately. Unfortunately, the two factors above could make that a difficult and expensive process, adding more pressure to an already stressful situation. Being proactive and replacing now means you're more likely to make it through any storms unscathed.
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